→ The Grey Limits of Homelessness

Where are the lines, in law and people’s thoughts, and how can where they’re drawn affect the homeless?

→ The Dark Days Aren’t Over

A documentary of the homeless in 1990s New York tried to bring attention to housing issues that still persist today.

→ The Pottinger Agreement and How it Affects the Homeless

Now abolished, the Pottinger Agreement protected the homeless from unfair treatment in Miami, Florida.


→ How I Saved For My Student Loans by Camping on Campus

It’s cheaper to pitch a tent outside the admin building than pay for a dorm.

→ Europe On $8 A Day? Yes, It’s Possible. We’re Just Not Sure It’s Legal

How one man spent 65 days in Europe for less than the cost of a Starbucks run

→ Is your fashion sense affected by your music taste?

Exploring fashion opinions and people’s opinions about them at SunFest 2017

→ The 6 stages of wanderlust

How does a person get pushed over the edge of curiosity into a fervorous jump to adventure?

→ Get knotty this Valentine’s Day

In the bedroom – or the park, the car, the classroom, wherever.

International Travel and Work Blog


A tight budget means you can travel longer, but luck is fickle

Travel Culture

→ Avoiding the Depression of Shoestring Solo Travelling

A budget too small can cause more than just passing worry

Social Journalism
Homeless and Abroad
University Press
Boca Raton’s Florida Atlantic University student newspaper

→ Adventures of Vagabonding on Campus

From getting caught by police to suffering through multiple rainstorms, one student shares some of his adventures living, without a dorm, on the Boca campus

→ Special Travel Issue

Sole writer and designer of twenty-four page newsprint special issue on local camping and travel spots, cheap accommodation and transport international and abroad, and travel philosophies

→ FAU Starving Grads to stage protest at Homecoming football game

Graduate students haven’t received a pay raise in a decade.