Andrew Fraieli has been involved in journalism, magazine/graphic design and photography for about six years, having started on his university’s newspaper at Florida Atlantic University. Between classes and the newspaper he traveled extensively across Europe covering over 2,800 miles hitchhiking on less than $600 for two months, pulling most of his travel writing from this experience and creating Homeless and Abroad, a travel advice and blog.

Eventually becoming Managing Editor and writing/designing an entire magazine issue on travel, he continued to cover housing issues — sacrificing a warm place to sleep by staying in stairwells and tents for a semester — until he graduated in 2017. He moved onto becoming Creative Director and Editor of a street newspaper called the Homeless Voice, a quarterly newspaper with 100,000 copy distribution across Florida.

At the same time, he interned at a creative agency in Delray, Florida called 2Ton, designing logos, gif animations, social media posts, and entire events for non-profits.

After this internship he did seasonal camp work living in upstate New York, leading kids on adventure trips through the Adirondack forests and mountains for 7 months, simultaneously freelancing and running the Homeless Voice.

He has now become Editor-in-Chief of the Homeless Voice as of January 2020.